UberPool is not available due to COVID-19. Voucher applies to qualifying trips on UberX, UberWAV and Marin Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marin Connect

What is Marin Connect?

Marin Connect is an accessible, on-demand microtransit service provided by Marin Transit. Rides can be booked directly through the Uber app.

Is this a new service?
Marin Connect started its initial pilot service in 2018 and has continued to grow and change since. Previously, Marin Connect could only be found in the Marin Connect app. Now, Uber has partnered with Marin Transit to bring Marin Connect into the Uber app.
What types of rides are eligible with Marin Connect?
Marin Connect is an accessible van ride, operated by Marin Transit and open to the general public. Riders can take Marin Connect rides for trips that start and end within the Marin Connect zone. All vans are accessible and can accommodate riders with mobility devices such as wheelchairs. Each van can also carry up to two bikes!
How can I book a ride on Marin Connect?

As long as you are in the service area and requesting between 6:00 am to 7:00 pm (Monday - Friday), Marin Connect will be available in the carousel of options seen in addition to offerings from Uber. This service is available for all members of the public but offers additional discounts for older adults and those with disabilities that qualify for Marin Transit’s Marin Access services. Rides booked in the Uber app for Marin Connect are completely on-demand; there is no prescheduling. Riders that cannot book in the app, can call (415) 454-0902 to speak to a Travel Navigator to learn about the program, register for Marin Access, or schedule a ride over the phone. Rides booked over the phone can be prescheduled and require cash payment on-board.

What will I see once I select Marin Connect?

Once Marin Connect is selected, you will see a 5-minute countdown clock in order to look for other riders who may be traveling the same direction. You will receive confirmation once you are matched with a Marin Connect vehicle and driver. Please make sure notifications for the Uber app are enabled in the settings on your phone to receive updates.

What do I do if I don’t see the Marin Connect option in my app?
You may not be in the Marin Connect zone, as shown on the map, or you might not be accessing the app during an eligible time. Please make sure you’re trying to request an eligible trip.
Who operates the Marin Connect vehicles?
Marin Connect services are provided by Marin Transit and operated under contract by Marin Senior Coordinating Council (Whistlestop Wheels). Operators are well trained and monitored by the local transit district. Vehicles used in operation are accessible, Ford Transit vans owned by Marin Transit and maintained by Whistlestop.
How much does a Marin Connect ride cost?
A Marin Connect ride is priced based a per mile cost and the distance of the trip for the general public. For riders who are part of the Marin Access program, run by Marin Transit, rides cost $3.00 per trip. Adding an additional rider to your trip costs another $1.00. You can see the estimated price of your trip in the app before you request a pickup.
What vehicles are available with Marin Connect?
All vehicles operated under the Marin Connect service are Ford Transit passenger vans. Each van can accommodate 5 passengers plus 1 wheelchair and up to two bikes. Since vans look similar, colors are used to differentiate rides for pickups at high traffic locations. The app will tell you the color of the van after booking your ride.

Ride Discounts

How much of a discount is offered, and which rides are eligible for the discount?
For eligible trips, riders pay the first $4.00, and TAM covers the next $5 on Marin Connect, UberPool, or Uber WAV trips. UberX service is eligible for discounts where UberPool is unavailable.
How do I redeem the voucher?
Use this voucher link to unlock ride discounts up to $5.
What is the service area and which transit stations qualify for discounts?

Marin Connect's service area will cover roughly 2.5 square miles from SMART stations in Marin County. Transit stations that qualify for the discounts include all SMART rail stations in Marin County, the Larkspur Ferry terminal, and seven bus hubs in Central and Northern Marin.

Interactive map of the service area and qualifying transit stationStatic map of the service area and qualifying transit station

A complete list of stations:

  • San Marin SMART Station
  • Downtown Novato SMART Station
  • Hamilton SMART Station
  • Marin Civic Center SMART Station
  • Downtown San Rafael SMART Station
  • Larkspur SMART Station
  • Redwood and Grant Transit Center in Novato
  • Rowland Boulevard Park and Ride
  • Ignacio Bus Pads
  • Alameda del Prado Park and Ride
  • Northgate Mall
  • Downtown San Rafael Bettini Transit Center
  • San Anselmo Hub
  • Larkspur Ferry Terminal
Are discounts available for riders with disabilities or older adults?
Yes, riders who are eligible for Marin Access services receive a discounted fare ($3.00) on all Marin Connect trips. To activate this discount or apply for Marin Access services, call a Marin Access Travel Navigator at (415) 454-0902.
Are monthly passes available?
The initial launch of the program will not include a monthly pass option. Options are currently being explored to implement this at a later date.
Does my employer cover the cost of my trip?
TAM has partnered with the County of Marin and Kaiser Permanente to provide additional discounts for employees who use transit to travel to work. For employees or employers who would like to set up a similar partnership, please contact TAM.
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